Monday, September 27, 2010


Ok- Today, I am going to touch on a subject that is taboo for most women.... haircuts at the five and dime.  Now, before I start, I need to make it clear that once upon a time, I would go every six weeks like clockwork to get my haircut.  I would drop 40-45 bucks.. and walk out.  I was always pleased with the cut or so I thought at the time but NOT pleased with the cost... It was ongoing.. like cable... you can never have it paid off.
As time as passed, I have realized, it is hair.. does it really matter?  It will grow if you get a bad cut.  I guess the practical side has jumped into the driver's seat.
Just this past week, I decided it had been two months and I needed a trim.  I do not make appointments, I go when the mood strikes and when I know I have enough patience to sit with the endless chatter.  This time a dude cut it...I felt kinda lucky.. in the past when a dude cut it.. I was pleased... really precise on the wedge. I plopped into the chair, ready for my transformation.
I had high hopes for this 10 dollar cut.  I told him to bring the front up to my chin and tighten the back up.  He began to cut away and I noticed we did not engage in small talk... GREAT- he is paying attention to the job at hand... I had my eyes closed.  When I opened my eyes, I noticed... he was not familiar with the "chin level" guideline... I was getting a little sweaty but decided not to say anything since he was the one with the scissors... I didn't want to get shanked.  Time passed and I hopped out of the chair... he held up the secondary mirror for my approval... ok- I needed to focus on my pleasant "acting" skills... WOW- You hit pay dirt... great job sir.. UGH....Thankful he was not a mindreader... this is the real story " Holy Crap, This is a basic cut.. where did you work before? Lowes... looks like I got in a fight with a weedeater"...
So the question is...Do you get what you pay for?  Does it make sense to spring for a haircut that cost as much as a weeks worth of groceries?  My answer is ... Yes and No... because IT WILL GROW!


  1. I am so guilty of this philosophy of hair cutting "It'll grow!" too Jenn.
    Now back in the day...I remember in 7th or 8th grade Sally (Mom) gave me a perm. I looked like a total freak with frizzy hair and asked her (made really) to buy me a wig. She did...I guess the perm really got to her too. I put the black wig and strutted around the house thinking how could I possibly get away with this around school. Needless to say I didn't. I went to school with frizzy hair and cried everyday while fixin' the poofy mess.

    Now....who cares what happens to my hair "IT'LL GROW OUT". Wonder if it's our age?

  2. Oh Renea I remember that... I remember the wig... didn't buddy (yellow dog) run off with it? LOL- Good Times... but bad hair back then seemed like the end of the world. Got to be our age.. now, I don't really give a flip..