Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'll Take "How To Tick A 3-Year Old Off" For $200, Alex

When Mackenzie was Walker's age, I had to work.  Since, I do not have to anymore, I made a promise that I would never take for granted the time I have with Walker.  So every single day I make a point to make sure Walker and I have some play time.  It could be something as simple as lining up cars to make "traffic" on the rug.   He likes to do this... and he is the resident expert on hotwheels... so I let him direct me to whatever needs to be done.
Last week, he wanted to play with Woody, Buzz, Megatron and Optimus Prime at the same time.. Ok.- sure, why not?  I made a brave move and suggested we make a "gameshow" with them.  Oh, He was all over this.  He has watched the Wheel of Fortune and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ( incidentally, I am not) on more than one occasion.  He understood the plan.  We lined up his dolls and decided that Walker would be the voice of Buzz and Woody.  That left me with the Masculine Transformers.
Ok- First question is for Buzz-  "Buzz, If you could have any prize in Target, what would it be?"   Walker thought about this question... then he responded "Darth Vader yadda yadda something"...
OK- Megatron- Same question-  I quickly responded in a man voice "BARBIES"...  Walker furrowed his brow and said "that is for gurls ( dramatic pause inserted here)  Megatron is a boy".  I pretended to be confused and said "Oh, ok- I understand now"  Walker asked Megatron again.. I responded "MY LITTLE PONIES"... and this is when Katie should have barred the door... He had a look of such disgust.. I started cracking up.. his buttons had been pushed beyond his control "YOU ARE NOT A FUNNY MOMMY!- THAT IS FOR GURLS!!... I TOLD YOU, MEGATRON IS A BOY.  YOU NOT LISTEN TO ME.. WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!- I SAID YOU ARE NOT FUNNY, I AM GOING TO COUNT TO FREE - ONE, TWO....DO NOT MAKE ME GET TO FREE!!"  Me- Still Laughing, "no, Walker, I am not funny- but you sure are..."

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