Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Retraction

So if you are a regular reader you know about our latest issue of springing a leak... that then turned into a gully washer.  When I left you last the husband was contemplating the best course of action to take because the main water line breaks out into a T into the lower bathroom and blah blah blah blah it will require cutting a hole in the ceiling. He needed to compile his list in his head for the NO WAY AROUND IT, home improvement store trip.   I knew his patience were running thin so I excused myself to the upper level to prepare for bed minus the use of running water.  

Lapse time- approximately 2 hours or so...

Atticus was a sleep at my feet and I was reading a book.  All of a sudden I hear SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH- Atticus jumps up and barks.  YES- he was cutting a hole in the ceiling.  He gave in- and proceeded to cut.

Lapse Time- 7:00AM

He gets up- and heads to the Depot.  I then see the actual hole he has cut and it is quite small.. very small.. So innocently I ask "WILL your hand fit in that?- I don't think my hand will fit in that"
Clearly- I was not helping by the look of disgust that was flashed my way.  He explained he had decided to keep the hole a modest size so he could then put a light fixture there...
I freely admit that was a pretty good idea- but you have to be able to work on the pipe- hence the hole there to begin with..

Time lapse- 1 hour

The hole is now bigger- and the pipe has been cut and the new one is being measured to fit in its place.  Too Long- cut some more.
He then places his smart mouth wife on the other side of the ladder to hold the old pipe that is pressing on the new pipe and WA-LA-  Teamwork makes the dream work.

He got it!  I am proud of my "Plunger".  He did not give up and he figured it out.  For the most part he kept his cool and he requested that I do something for him in return- He wanted a retraction on my blog.

So here goes-

Dear People that read my nonsense,
I would like to report that my husband is now an efficient plumber or plunger depending on if you are five or not.  He saved our family a large amount of money by not giving up.  He did not get mad at my sassy mouth- very much...   He once again proved that he can fix anything given time.
The groveling wife


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  1. That is a problem...women are always in a rush. Slow down and give a man time to think it out. We will get it done, just hang in there.