Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh It's a Chore...

Some days it seems the list of chores to do around the house are endless, even though I do something around here every single day.  I have set a personal goal to attempt to do a load of laundry every afternoon or I will be stuck listening to the annoying chime of the dryer as it taunts me for several hours the next day.  I have even put a load in at bedtime and GOT UP to move the load to the dryer before I actually fell asleep so I would not have to rewash the following morning.  It is a losing battle.  It will never end.  I must find a way to come to terms with this... hmmm  That said, it is not the worse chore on the list-  I do not mind wiping the dog slobber off the lower windows.  I rather enjoy the swiffer when paired with the ipod.  BUT-

My nemesis is the dish washer.  I do not like the dishwasher.   I get that it is a modern marvel.  I remember my grandmother living most of her entire life without one. She would stand at the sink washing a pile of dishes from the meal she lovingly cooked.  It is a convenience, I get it but I still don't have to like it.  Let me confess how I handle this chore.   It is a NINE step process...

  • Step one- open the front
  • Step two- peak around the top shelf to assure items are not funked over
  • Step three- select certain cups, shake excess water off and stack them on the counter
  • Step four- push the said cups in the cabinet and implement the duck and dodge method to keep existing cups in the cupboard from knocking me in the head.
  • Step five- feeling lucky, made it without any breakage or bumps- *takes a sip of coffee in satisfaction of this accomplishment
  • Step six - pull out the dreaded bottom rack
  • Step seven- pick out a few forks and spoons- leave the remaining in the rack because well, I don't have a good answer
  • Step eight- pull out the extra large pan and walk around the kitchen holding it- open most cabinets to find that sucker will not fit... 
  • Step nine- take pan back to dishwasher and put it back where I found it.

The end- and do not act like I am the only one with this process... ahem :)

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