Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mommy Said- 2013

Last night I was reading over some old post, feeling a little emotional since Walker was turning 6.  I laughed and felt my heart tug at what was our daily lives with a 3 year old.  While some things change- others remain the same-  This is Classic Walker-  He does NOT miss a thing...

So I keep thinking back to something that happened a few weeks ago and get tickled every time.  It was a Sunday afternoon and everyone had pretty much assumed our normal, lazy positions.  Cade was snoring on the couch, Mackenzie was laying over on the loveseat messing with her IPod & apparently getting her panties out of a literal wad , I was searching my favorite blogs for coupon deals and Walker was enjoying yet another edge of your seat viewing of Spy Kids... - OR so we thought... Here is the conversation:

Walker- Kenzie
Kenz-  implementing the classic "ignore" him move... ( impressive how well she has mastered this skill)
Walker- KENZIE!  - louder- much LOUDER
Kenz- What Walker?
Walker- You gotta pee pee?
Kenz- NO Walker
Walker- You touchin your hinney
Kenz- I am not Walker
Walker-uh huh.. Mommy said if you touch your hinney, you gotta go pee pee...
Kenz-I am not touching my hinney, WALKER
Walker- I sawed you and if you pee pee in your pants you are gonna be in twouble (voice of experience talking right there... he is sharing his knowledge)
Kenz- UGHHHH.... and stomps off. (I couldn't see her face, but I would bet my bottom dollar her eyes were rolling)
Walker- Mommy she had to go pee pee...
Mommy- Thank you for handling this for me Walker

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