Monday, February 4, 2013

The Tortoise and The Den

Our den is eclectic...once upon a time I actually had the infamous "Dogs Playing Poker" above the mantle.   Because I could... so Why not? We house an aquarium, an air hockey table, and furniture that Cade has owned longer than he has had me.  It is a comfortable room for all of us.  We make pallets and pop popcorn for family movies on rainy weekends.  We fight out our aggression in Wii battles.  It is truly a family room. 

This past weekend, Cade was looking at the old sofa while the kids were tackling each other on top of it.  He pointed out that the leather is threadbare in spots, it has been patched more than once, and over all the entire suit is tattered.  I listened to what he had to say and then pointed to the children that were acting as if they have not had all their shots- WAS that FOAM coming out of Walker's mouth?   I told him I agree 100% but and this is a big BUT- I can not see the point in replacing it at this time.  The kids live in this room and it will drive me batty trying to keep the following from happening:
1. Shoes off of it
2. Food off of it
3. Markers off of it

I told him to just wait about "oh TEN or Fifteen years should be safe" and then we can make a day of it and  shop till we drop, finding the perfect set.  The kids will be a lot older.  Walker will be driving and Mackenzie will be gone to college. I can look forward to being engulfed by brand new leather- that is soft as butter as I hold my sweet, baby boy- Atticus (dog) and read a book.

Cade looked at me for the longest time and I could not figure out what he was thinking... a few minutes passed and then he said "You know Atticus might not be alive in 10 or so years?"  GASP-  
I had to argue this point and tell him- he would be!  

He walked into the kitchen and with his back turned to me he said " I am going to have to treat this situation like people do TURTLES-  sneak another one in here before you know what happened"...

There are NO words-

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  1. How much for the dogs playing poker picture? Need something like that in my man cave.