Monday, January 21, 2013

When It Rains... It Pours!

Murphy's law- Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Welcome to my world.  Life is usually one gigantic debacle after another around here- So to keep from sitting in a corner and banging my head- I must laugh!  Today is a perfect example - allow me to share:

The kids were out of school for MLK and the sun was shining. I took them to grab a bite and tootle around town.  We were only gone for a few hours.  The husband was off work and had made it back home from taking his dad to the doctor.  He brought home a 4 pack of yummy cupcakes and then joined the children outside to play basketball.  I thought I would take the time, while it was quiet and clip a few coupons and search the ads.
 Fast forward 15 minutes
The husband comes into the den and looks a bit pale.  He said "come down here and look at this"- so I figure it is worth a looksy and follow suit.  He points out a puddle on the floor and traces the source.  Our main water line!  Oh GOODY!  We have three sources to call- NO ONE CAN COME or they want to stick it to us for holiday pay.  Of course they do.
He turns off the water to the house and I express to the children my concern over how filthy they have become playing outside.  Tonight there will be no shower. Tomorrow is school.  Crap- bottle water bath it is!

I figured we were done until the sun comes up tomorrow so I came back upstairs and started my coupon list again.  Do you see my error there?  I left the husband alone with a plumbing issue that would require him to pull out power tools- and I knew darn good and well- he would NOT be able to resist!  I feel I am 50% accountable for the remainder of this story...

I hear the drill... I ignore the drill.

I continue to hear the drill- I walk downstairs.. "Watcha doin?"... his response- "I figure a plumber will have to make this hole bigger so I am saving on labor"... mmhmmmm

I go back up to continue my clipping-  10 minutes later the door that leads to the basement flings open wildly and it is our five year old- he screams "IT IS RAINING DOWNSTAIRS, Daddy was trying to be a PLUNGER" and then I hear it-  the roar of water hitting the floor.

Now- I could say I was calm when walked to the bathroom and grabbed towels.. but what really happened is I was cussing like a sailor in my head and running like a rabid animal to retrieve any fabric that might soak up water!

When I hit the bottom of the steps and saw my soaking wet husband- I froze.  His comment "I brought you cupcakes"...

to be continued... after he makes on average TWO trips to the home improvement store ;)

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