Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No... It's A Knot

Exhibit A

Years ago, when the spouse and I were house hunting we toured too many houses to count.  Nothing worked for us.  I could pick them apart at the seams and I was starting to get discouraged. Then it happened, we walked into "our home".  It spoke to both of us *NO- Not our ghost, they are mute*.  I was able to see "what could be" even though it was drowning in an ocean of mauve and blue.  There were mockingbirds on wallpaper that were "mocking" me.  However, I could see past it and wait for the day we could update her style with one exception... WHITE CARPET!  Who does that?  This is not some converted warehouse loft in an artsy, fartsy city.  It is a home that would be the center of our family.  It would have children and animals running across them carrying leaky, sippy cups.  White Carpet + Small Children = Disaster!  

Fast Forward a few years and attempt to get to the point of this post-

 Hello renovation-  Ok- I have eclectic taste-  I like the old with the new.  That said, putting 100 year old brick pavers that were salvaged from buildings on the floor seemed NORMAL even COOL!  I was right- see exhibit A.  Neat, huh?   Anywho, I have enjoyed these floors.  NO fuss, No muss.  A wet mop and that is it!  Don't cha love - low maintenance?  However, today I am looking at them a little differently.  Walker needs new shoes and he wants some that actually tie.  He does not want velcro.  I like velcro.  Are you with me?  Let me break that down for you- He wants shoes that tie, hence he will need to learn to tie his shoes.  (SIGH)  Have you ever tried to teach a child to tie their shoes?  OH lawd- I have to pull out all the stops and make up the story about the little bunny- that will NOT cooperate with little fingers as it runs around the bush.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!   It is an exhausting exercise!   It will last for what seems FOREVER!  He will get mad and aggravated.  I will get impatient.  I will BANG MY HEAD ON THE LOW MAINTENANCE BRICKS!  They were not around when Mackenzie learned this task-  I had to settle for the wall.  
What is my point?  I fear my COOLNESS is going to kill me!

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