Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stop and Smell the Proverbial Roses

A friend of mine recently blogged about life's simple pleasures.  For her, it was a pretty little soap dispenser that got rid of the muck from bar soap.  I agree- some of the best things life has to offer are right in front of us- but we tend to overlook them while caught up in the day to day chores. We don't appreciate simplicity like we should.  It reminded me of an old post-  One that is as true today, as it was when I originally stuck it out on the internet for everyone to critique.
Today's topic- Books
I love to read.  I always have.  Most of my reading is done at night when my children are snuggled up and in a peaceful slumber.  I have attempted to read on rainy afternoons, but lets face it- when you read the same sentence three times and still do not know what you read, it loses some of its magic.   So I read at night by a  tiny book lamp that attaches to the top of the pages.  I have looked into the fancy new options but there is something wonderful about page turning.  It is what the author originally intended (or this is what I believe) to have the suspense build as the paper turns.  Old fashioned thinking... probably?  A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a used paperback store.  The musty smell was wonderful and identifiable, it was the smell of old books.  You know the smell.  Some may find it distasteful... I like it!   As I strolled the endless selection, I realized I am not one that reads a book more than once.  There are a few exceptions like Twilight (hello- EDWARD) and the Hunger Games Trilogy  ( if you have not enjoyed this syfy edge of your seater- please allow yourself the guilty pleasure of these books) and of course the classics like To Kill A Mockingbird.  Other than the few listed above... I don't reread. So to continue on with my old books admiration trip-  I ended up in the horror/ syfy genre and I picked up Salem's Lot.  Now I read this book years ago... and I remember it stuck with me.  CREEPY-  but a little creepy factor is good now and again.  I took it to the counter and paid my two bucks.
The book laid around on the counter for a while.. I decided a few nights ago, I would give it another whirl.  So I started reading and as I flipped the first few pages I could not help but think..Why are you reading this again?  You know how it ends... what is the point?  As I got more involved in the book, I realized, the amazing author Stephen King... did not mean for his books to be read only once... they are full of details that can easily be overlooked ....and in each detail the author struggled over it to get it right.  It is in the details that take you from your sorrows or stressful lives and emerge you in a place forbidden.  It doesn't matter what type of "read" you prefer... romance, comedy, thrillers... a mix of all three- you escape to a mini vacation.  Let's face it- we all need a mini escape from time to time.  So I encourage you to pick up a book... perhaps one you have read before that is laying in the bottom of a drawer... and enjoy it.  Life is short.. simple pleasures are all around us.

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  1. Very good but I have been missing hearing about Mr. Walker Ranger!!!