Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do you hear what I hear?

So I thought about starting this one with the classic "Once upon a time".  That in my opinion is reserved for fairy tales - this tale is far from that.  It is a true story. I will begin as if we are sitting on the sofa and drinking a glass of tea.

GET THIS... Years ago we had a yellow lab, his name was Cooper.  He was a beautiful dog that stayed bored.  One day he came onto the porch carting a bone hanging out of his mouth.  Now when I say "bone".. I mean big ol' bone.  Not store bought- he dug that sucker up from the yard.  I took it from him and shared his find with my family.  Everyone tried to assure me that our property was once a large farm and it probably was from a cow.  I remember joking around and letting them know I was not 100% on board with that theory- I did not go to medical school, but that looked like a femur. We looked for a hole, hoping we could find closure.  None was found.  It seems the dog went under the backside of the house- through a small opening in the paneling and found it.  UNDER THE HOUSE- did you catch that part?   I eventually put the bone mishap behind me and did not think of it to often.  I mean- Ewwww right?  Cow- yep, going with the old dead cow.

Now reader beware- it is about to get creepy...

When my son was two years old, he woke up frequently at night afraid.  He would point to the same area in our house - the small hallway that leads to the bathroom and cry "there is the old Yady, the old yady scares me, I don't like the old yady"  He had mentioned more than once she carried a stick.  I can only assume he meant a cane.  Again, this was not a one time deal.  It happened a lot.  I would hold him and let him know that he was safe.  That there was no one in the house with us except daddy and sister.    Please know, the entire time I held him - I pierced my eyes into the darkness, looking until they watered.  Trying to see what he saw.  NOTHING.  I saw nothing!  But I do not doubt that he did.  I have heard over the years that the very young and innocent can see things jaded adults can not.  I am a believer.  He is now five.  He has not woke up crying about "her" in over two years.  Did she just go away or has his mind closed off what it now deems impossible?  I have no idea.

Fast forward to the summer to of 2012
Our family was at the beach and the husband got a weird vibe. He decided to hop on his lap top and check the cameras at our house. All of a sudden we hear a crash, something that sounded like a sneeze AND muffled talking over white noise.  His eyes turned into saucers and I freely admit I was freaking out too since we have had a house destroyed in the past. He called the local police department to investigate. We could see the cop shine his light into our house via the cameras and knew he was not taking the call lightly.  He had the dispatcher let us know that everything was locked down tight as one would hope...  BUT the sound continued- At midnight when the automatic air freshener went off at the beach - it clicked- We had called the local PD over pleasant smelling air. Which is classic debacle for this family!  So that explained the crash/ sneeze sound that was repeated but it did NOT explain the voices.  We had not left any tvs on.  No radios were plugged in.  NOTHING should have sounded like voices in a wind tunnel.  There is no answer for that and we have discussed it over and over.

We have the unexplained creaks that most people chalk up to a house settling or the wind.  Most nights I do not get over concerned and attempt not to over think it.  MOST nights- the dog doesn't fidget or bark and sit up with his ears cocked back.  MOST NIGHTS!

It has been brought to my attention more than once and I myself have toyed with the idea of calling some sort of ghostbuster in to do a little investigating.  In the end, however, what will they accomplish?  My ghost do not run around and rip up my good sheets.  They don't scream "BOO" or rattle chains.  I have said "Beatlejuice" three times for giggles.  No Dice.  They seem peaceful- I don't think they mean us any harm.  Does this mean I ain't afraid of no ghost?  ummm NO, that is not what it means.  I ain't afraid of MY ghost.

Happy Hauntings

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  1. I bet you're afraid of your shadow, though!!! (jk) GREAT story! (btw: I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight, thanks a lot.)