Thursday, January 19, 2012

Passion For Music

Music- it is important to most of us.  A certain song can bring back the best of times and quite possibly the worst.  It can bring a tear to your eye or a dance in your step.  I can listen to Bing Crosby every Christmas and think of my granddaddy with joy in my heart.  Benny and the Jets will send me back to the 70's,  sticking a quarter into the jukebox at the Waffle House.  Funny how that works :) When Mackenzie was a toddler I would only listen to a Barney cd and other childlike songs while we were in the car.  We would pop up and down in our seats to the Wheels on the Bus song because the people "go up and down".  If we were happy and we knew it, you can bet we were clapping our hands.  I was so over protective to any and all outside influences that I could control and keep her away from. She was the first child and I did not want to mess her up. Such a good mommy.  From the years 2002-2007 I did not know a single song that hit the billboard top 100.  Had NO clue.  I was well versed in any and all kids songs.. mind you.
With Walker, the second child, I have loosened up in some areas.  I listen to the radio every time we get into the car.  I like the top 100 songs, an attempt to hang onto my youth?  perhaps- but you can dance to it!  I like to dance and embarrass the kids. I am a pro at this.  Yes, Music is important!  Fast forward that line of thinking and Walker singing to himself.  My first thought was he is so stinking cute and THEN I REALIZED WHAT HE WAS SINGING!  *dramatic pause inserted here for my own health purposes- shallow breathing*  He said "I have a passion in my pants - I am sexy and I know it"!  GASP, GASP oh hell... GASP!  Good mommy gone!  What have a I learned..well, that the Wheels on the Bus still go round and round when my car wheels go round and round from this day forward.  Crap on Cracker Folks, Crap on a Cracker!

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