Monday, September 13, 2010

Problem Meet Solution

One of life's greatest pleasures is a hot bath filled to the rim with thick, foamy bubbles.   I find myself sneaking to the bathroom every evening attempting to escape from the little people and the husband for JUST 10 minutes..
Here- let me walk you through it ... Kids have been fed and the dishes are washed.  Step two- the kids are clean and in clean clothes.  Step three- the TV has been tuned into some disturbing characters that seem to have acquired their costumes from the day After Halloween sale.. but they are singing we need to share and be kind.. so I overlook the creepy factor.  Now... pay attention.. this is where it gets tricky... I fix myself a glass of ice Tea ( sweet tea- of course) and casually say "I am gonna hop in the tub- I will only be a few minutes".  I say this for not the three year olds benefit.. but for EVERYONE's benefit... and in HOPES to keep them from yelling and looking for me. ... I proceed to the bedroom and grab some ratty t-shirt and boxers ( what?  I am housewife.. who cares?) and make my way to promise land.   I turn on the hot water with just a touch of the cold to add the correct balance... I squirt as much as I see fit or as much as the day had dictated I need of body wash into the stream of water ****side note- Dial nutrisomething or another makes the most wonderful THICK bubbles that SHINE****  The water runs and I do the normal "check".. old here.. what the heck is going on there..  in the mirror.  I turn off the water and glide into the pool of good smelling quiet time... 3 minutes later ( general rule of thumb) the door opens and one of my loving family members is checking on me.  Nice!  Then it happens,  the pool of bubbles is just too tempting and it never fails- someone is going to stick their hands in my bathwater and grab a handful of bubbles.  This is a problem. BUT I found a solution.. and it works... wait for it.... I simply state that "I pee'd in this water"... Hand out- Problem Solved

( and of course NOT)

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