Thursday, September 30, 2010


Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane before I get into this story.  It is of the utmost importance that everyone understand the gravity of one's actions.  
When I was a little girl and sick, I would stay with my grandparents.  My grandmother would cover me up with an old quilt, that had gold flowers on it and smelled of mothballs.  You know the smell.  She also had this feather pillow, she personally slept with it every night.  It was covered by an old satin pillowcase that was a faint mint green with beige lace on the ends.  She claimed the satin case kept her hair intact until she could get to the beauty shop to have it set.   When I was not feeling well... she would bring it to me.  I loved it.  It was a feeling of security, being safe, and loved all wrapped into one... I suppose it was because, it too had a distinct smell- Vicks Salve, Timeless (Avon) perfume and Aquanet. You know how grandma's smell.. like Heaven.  When I got older, she gave me the old quilt and her crown jewel- the feather pillow.  I had the quilt on my bed for years, but over time it has dry rotted and the washing machine was giving it a beating.. so I have put it up for safe keeping.  The pillow, however stayed on my bed from that night forward.  Granted, it is NASTY, and the feathers are "mulch"... but it secured a great night sleep. It was squishy and cuddly,  No amount of filth could persuade me from giving up my pillow.  The mint case was washed regularly and there was very little trace of what was once the lace border, so in my mind.  That was sufficient.   Everyone in the house understood, that is mommy's pillow.  
Now that you understand... allow me to bring you up to date:
In July, the husband and I took a trip to Vegas to celebrate our anniversary.  We were married there and it seemed like the perfect trip to take.. we both forgot how stinkin' hot it is there in JULY- shoes were melting on the sidewalk... you get the idea and this basically has NOTHING to do with my story.. so-
I asked a few family members to keep our babies.  The plan was for kids to stay at my parent's house for one night and have my aunt ,for purposed of this story, we will refer to her as the "Criminal" keep them the other two nights at our house.  Please do not get me wrong, I love the criminal with every fiber of my being, she is my best friend and like a second mother to me... 
While we were gone, I would call my babies everyday to check on them, after I talked to them, I would check on everything with the criminal.  She would explain that they were keeping busy by sorting out closets  and things of this manner.  It did not surprise me that she would look for PIDDLIN' things to do.. she has a form of adha and can't sit still.  We all know this and have learned to accept it. 
The weekend passed and we returned home.  My heart went out for the criminal.. it looked like the kiddos had aged her 10 years.. and instead of hanging around like she normally would do.. the front door could not open FAST enough for her to get out of the madhouse.  Poor Criminal...
That night, I crawled into bed, totally worn out- I looked for my pillow but could not locate it.  I thought to myself- SELF- it's ok... you failed to pack it when you went to Vegas, so you can go one more night without it.  Little did I know what my future held... (DRAMATIC MUSIC Inserted here).
The next morning, I got to looking for it... under the bed, in the closets... everywhere.. NO pillow.  This activity repeated itself for over a week.  A form of true insanity began to emerge.  I tore up this house looking for that sucker.  One day, while I was in the middle of a HUGE breakdown looking for it again, the criminal called.  I asked her if she knew where my pillow was ( cricket chirping, pin drop silence) she said "I THREW THAT NASTY THING AWAY, IT WAS UNHEALTHY".  *** the pain is fresh as I type this-  not easy to relive***
ok- remain calm-  "You did - WHAT?"  - the husband enters the room... listening... I continued.. "You THREW MY PILLOW AWAY?'... the husband mouths "she threw it away"- he darted out of the room... he knew and was right... the situation was about to take a turn for the worse.  The criminal apologized and offered up one of her bed pillows.. LIKE THAT WOULD WORK... crazy talk!   I tried to explain it was like she came in here and threw away Walker's binkie or blankie as some might call it... I realize I am OLD.. but she threw away my BINK!
A few months have passed now and I still miss my pillow.  My irreplaceable pillow, my binkie... I have forgiven the aunt for her criminal act.. but .. the next time I am at her house, I may be forced to HIDE her pillows.


  1. This is so funny, I warned the Criminal she was the subject of your latest blog!


  3. Someone threw away your pillow too? We should start a support group. I had no idea this was an epidemic... the horrors!

  4. The criminal was just doing the woman thing. Women are like that, they always think they are doing it in your best interest and doing you a favor. I would be willing to bet good money that you have had a garage sell and when the husband left the house you put out some of his “stuff” without asking. After all he hardly uses it anymore, or it looks tacky, etc., My ex once sold my entire Lewis Grizzard book collection without me knowing. After all I had already read them once. Good story

  5. Art, That is why she is your EX.. :)-
    the nerve of that woman!

  6. I didn't loose a pillow.......just my favoite pair of cut off shorts.......Jane made me throw em away.......