Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rockin' The Coupons

So I refuse make this a "frugal" blog.. there are so many wonderful ones out there on the internet that I don't need to repave a road... so to speak.
Here's the story-
This morning I headed over to Club Pub to grab a few deals that peaked my interest.  Yesterday, Walker and I clipped and filed what I needed to make this trip successful.  He knows we do not go to the store without coupons.. and sometimes when I here him playing he will say "get in the car Optimus, so we can go to Publix.- Buzz, you got the coupons?"... uh huh.. teaching them early around here.  So proud!
Anyways, I got lots of freebies... woohoo.. I said FREEBIES today.  Want an example to prove it wasn't circle file junk?  Pledge Wipes, Starkist ( made .50 cents on this deal), Country Crock butter, Kraft CHEESE- oh yea... the real stuff, and eggs to name just a few.  My out of pocket or to be HIP- my OOP was higher than it would have normally been but today I opted to buy 4 Tides and a Dawn detergent.. why so many?  Well, they are on sale for 5.99$ and I had 3 bucks off each one.. so 2.99$ is a FANTASTIC DEAL for HE Tide Detergent.  I also had a small hidden agenda I would like to bring to the ladies' attention..  Heads
  up on this one!
You receive a FREE pink kitchenware set from Good Cook’s Hope line which includes a 2 quart sauce pan with lid, Classic Balloon Wisk, 3 Piece Mini Nylon Tool Set and 2 piece Nylon Scrub Brush Set by mail when you purchase $25 or more of participating Procter and Gamble products in one transaction from Publix.
Now the 25.00$ is before coupons... yea, I know... exciting stuff.. GAME ON!  I love this  opportunity and what I love more is that a large company like P&G is promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.  So ladies, give those oobies a squish and be proactive.  
I know I have bored the stew out of most of you today... I will regroup and post something a bit more entertaining  like what I would like to do with the new recorder Mackenzie brought home from school yesterday..oh yea.. there's a story there, I will tell ya that.  But for now.. take care, rock the coupons, save your money and squish your oobies.. doesn't have to be in that order!

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