Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This morning before Mackenzie left for school I noticed something that was alarming at best... she has a rump... a big one...
Not like a side of a barn rump.. but like "uh oh... small luggage - junk in your trunk" rump.  ( sighing)  She was wearing a cute leggings set with a little tunic... but the top was hiked up on the new feature.  I am pretty sure this happened over night.  I would have noticed  that.  I know I would have.  I  am a member of the "noassatall" club... I am envious of this attribute on most... BUT NOT MY KID.  I was aware that something wicked this way comes due to small outburst and crying for no apparent reason erupting in our home on a bi-weekly basis.  I am not ready for this... in fact, I am freakin' out a little.
I was not totally oblivious to my child starting to change. We have shopped for new undergarments and I encourage her to pluck her eyebrows that tend to grow across her nose. She has her own face washes to keep a nice complexion.  It is a natural part of growing up.  The problem with my child is .. she's pretty.  I know I am biased but I am not alone here... She has a gentleman caller.  He comes over every so often.  Parks his bike in the driveway... and rings the bell.  I answer the door and try to be intimidating and gruff... must not be working, he still comes around.  She blushes and giggles... ( peachy huh?)  My question is "When did boys stop having cooties?"  and for that fact  "When did girls stop having cooties?" 
"Why can't they keep their cooties?"  ( rolleyes)
So the writing is on the wall and no amount of scrubbing or clorox is going to give me the fresh clean slate, I so desire.  My little girl is growing up and I am left with only two options-
1. buy over sized, slouchy clothes
2. crack open the Malibu Rum.


  1. Oh baby girl, better hang on the fun is just beginning. Think of it like a roller coaster that last for years.. you just have to say a prayer and hang on. Just remember to be silly.. already are. :) Hugs & Kisses to Mackenzie and to you.

    Love ya Denise

  2. It's a gift.. or a curse... Miss you

  3. I spent my early years in Indiana (you know up north) and I had what was called the hate girls club. I moved down to Biloxi, Ms in the 8th grade and tried to talk a few boys into joining the club. They looked at me like I was a queer or something. Hate girls, why??????? Girls are fun and necessary. Was not long till they convinced me they were right and the hate girl club went out of business. I raised two girls, so lord help you. And don’t go with them anywhere on their 21 birthday cause they tend to want to then tell you everything they did that you didn’t know about then. Please shut up and let this old man have his dreams. I bet your mother and father loves it, watching you go thru this. I know I am loving watching my girls raise kids.