Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Step Away From The Pleather...

So the little guy was ready to go back to preschool today after kicking a nasty bug he acquired over the weekend.  This gave me some free time to run the necessary errands and toodle around a bit.   I found myself with an extra hour, so what is a girl to do?  Go shopping of course.   I decided on Kohls because I have a beacon in my butt and I can find a clearance sale anywhere on this side of the Mississippi.   I started looking  in the misses department and I did find a "hip" ( I am cool like that) pair of bluejeans marked down to 13 bucks.. ok - SOLD... moving right along I entered the kids area.. OK- remember the beacon ... it must have a short in it because this area was a picked over disappointment.    hmmmm- still have time to kill... so I headed to the domestics or nicnac paddywack section, as I like to call it.   I picked up a really cute candlestick marked down 80% BUT I don't need it... so I put it back.   The trip was seriously hitting "this is the pits" level... I headed to the handbags... and then I about dropped my teeth... There was a woman - admiring and getting ready to put the purse in her cart... ahem... Let me draw you a picture.. it was brown... and PLEATHER and was only on sale for 30% off... HOLY MOSES...bite your tongue ... and stop looking at this train wreck.... In my mind I wanted to offer her the following guideline:
1. NEVER ever buy a pleather purse unless it is 80% off and you have a coupon...
2.  remember rule number one
I failed her, I chose to mind my own business.  I am ashamed... so with just a few more minutes to waste I strolled to the shoe department.... and it happened... ( angelic music inserted here)... they had shoes - in MY size for 90% off... I know for a fact-- that very second-- Cinderella was channeling me... and I answered..
THREE TIMES.... oh yea..

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