Monday, September 27, 2010

Oops, Up Side Your Head

So today Walker and I were in the car, singing in harmony together "The Cat's in the Cradle". One of his favorite songs.. strange huh?  Anyways,  I wasn't watching him in the mirror to make sure he was still buckled... or to make sure he wasn't hanging from the o'nelly bar, like a chimp at the zoo.  He was singing... he was occupied.  It was peaceful.  A little too peaceful.  See with boys, there are a few rules...
1. You can never leave the house without some sort of automobile - i.e. truck, car or airplane
2. There is NO such thing as peaceful.
3.  They can and will multitask when you least expect it... don't get me wrong.. this multitasking is only useful when they see fit... To the best of my knowledge they can NOT pick up toys while watching an exciting movie like Toy Story....can't be done.
4. NEW RULE- when a little boy comes into your family... a perfect shower gift would be a hard hat.  I learned this bit of information today.
Back to the car ride... so we are trucking along... and OUCH... AWE - WHAT THE?  I grabbed the back of my head in shocking pain.  The little passenger decided to make the metal, hotwheels airplane FLY!  Yes, you read that right... that little sucker chunked an airplane at me... behind the wheel... driving the car... listening to his favorite song... without a hard hat.  He was singing... then it hit me... he was multitasking- playing airplane and enjoying a tune.
I cussed... a little... oh hell, I cussed a lot.  I was in shock... a 747 just crashed into my head... I am allowed to cuss... ahem.
He said.. "sorry mommy- I didn't mean to frow it"... ( reading between the lines here... he didn't mean to hit me in the back head...his aim was off) - 
"It might be a good time for you to use the emergency exits WALKER"

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