Friday, September 24, 2010

Great News- Beano Is On Sale

So when my children started walking around with their shirts pulled up over their noses anytime the husband was around.. I knew I had to take action.  It was up was up to me... to help them.  The husband means "no harm" and he thinks it is a barrel of laughs when he does this.  I am not laughing... Walker's head is rump level, he could do permanent damage to his sense of smell, reflexes... ability to do math.  The list of horrors is endless. 
So one day, while I was at the store doing a little coupon shopping... I found myself in the "gassy" aisle.  On that day,  I bought something I never thought I would-  Beano.  Mmmmhmmmm , I sure did.   It was the commercial that sealed the deal... I like the woman and her quip.. "BeaNO Gas"... I know, another TV driven purchase.. Guilty as charged. 
 One Sunday, I fried up some okra with all the fixens' and I knew what our future held.  I had to react, so I did something criminal, I slipped Beano in his drink ( GASP)... It had to be done.  There is nothing I would not do for my children.  To say I have made a habit out of this activity, might be overstating it a bit.  However, I always have it on hand.  The days of pulling the covers over my head and trapping me in the cloud of yuck are over.  Like I said... " Great News- Beano is on sale"... giggle

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