Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Postman Steals My Coupons

Now I know this is a harsh accusation, but I have been doing some detective work on this subject for months... Let me walk down this scandalous path-
When we first moved here we had a great mail lady.. her name was Hope and we chatted on several occasions. I left her a Christmas gift in the box and she left me a thank you note.  A beautiful relationship in the making.. then it happened... Hope is NO longer our carrier (gasp)... We have a dude.. I do not know his name because he is a grumpy kind of guy.  Grumpy does not bother me... I live with Cade  ( kidding sweetheart)... ahem back to my story.  Well- here is when the suspicion kicked in..
One afternoon the neighbor girl had a friend over.. when he pulled out of the driveway, he was TEXTING - so moving forward we will refer to him as DUMAS- you can read between the lines.  Well Dumas hit our mailbox.. and it sounded as if the house was falling in- bricks crumbled.  Dumas was terrified... and never admitted to texting but the girl neighbor did... It took what seemed like forevah' to find someone to match the bricks and rebuild... so I had to have the post office hold our mail.... AND guess what... every coupon ever requested was there and it brought friends I didn't even know existed!  I know- SHOCKING... once our mailbox was fixed... no and I mean zilch coupons have appeared.  I could approach grumpy and ask him if his wife likes coupons... casually of course...OR I could walk my not so happy rump down to SmallTown, Alabama's postal hub and cause a scene and end up on the local forum.   I would say- they are going to find out what a red- headed temper is all about... but to be honest... it is nice and easy 112/ Natural Dark Auburn.. which is an entirely different subject.. Natural - really - comes out of box... I will bookshelf this one for later... oh I digress... but I still say the mailgrump steals my coupons... 

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