Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Fall Ya'll...Well Sorta...

So I woke up grumpy and openly posted the following statement on facebook.. because... well, I wanted too- "Pretty is as Pretty does"  - today I am a baboon's butt....and then I got to thinking.. snap out of it.  Start the laundry, play with the kiddo, paint your toes and find the fall decor.  Is it fall?  Hard to tell in Alabama.  Most of you that are reading this know what I am talking about... but just in case someone has dropped by from London, I will explain.  See, in Alabama we get to enjoy the beautiful season known as Fall or Autumn for about a week and a half... it is really quick, so you have to drink in the beauty and enjoy every moment of it.. in a fast paced manner.  You have to open all the windows and allow the fresh air in..very important step.  You can turn the air conditioner off at night ( seriously- yes, you still need it during the day- this is ALABAMA)  You can toss in your favorite crockpot recipes like chili, and let the aroma fill the house with tasty goodness. Getting overly excited about the prospect of Fall coming... and shedding my baboon's butt attitude, I ran up to the attic to locate my loot.  I found the pumpkins, scarecrows and a really bad pot of fake mums  ( really bad).  I located a few witches and welcomed them back.  After taking inventory, Walker and I proceeded to the front yard.  I began to stake the scarecrows in the ground and made a valiant effort to hide a dead bush... a dead bush I recall trying to hide with Christmas lights, this PAST year AND the year before.  Which made me remember a passing thought that still holds true this very day with the poor scarecrows re: this bush - "a pig with lipstick... yep- still a pig".... So I decided to place the scarcrows in a different manner and embrace my dead landscaping.
So, Is it Fall ya'll....maybe not- but one can dream!

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