Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paula Dean- Your Job Is Safe

Now, I know I should fall into the domestic goddess category since I am a stay at home mom... but as fate would have it... I don't.    I can pinch a penny till that sucker screams at the grocery store ,while armed with coupons... I can wash clothes and keep them their original color.  I can wipe the dust off the nic nac paddywacks..  I can decorate any task before me... I can make a cardboard box look good..... but I can not make meatloaf.  Can't do it... and I have shamed many a cow that has given his/ her life for our benefit.  Now it just so happens, the husband's favorite dish is... you guessed it, Meatloaf.  I have tried and tried... I have used the fail proof packs of magic dust you add to the meat... didn't work. I have googled the recipes on more than one occasion.. thinking... I would run across one that was made for me-failure.  I don't even bother placing the pan on the table anymore... I just toss it in the hefty bag- the family knows at this point.. we WERE having meatloaf,  now we are having mac and cheese for dinner and they watch as I desperately scan the pantry for a can of beans to go with the new main entree.  In desperate times,  I have ran down to the local store and bought one made in the deli to "pass " it off... marginal at best.  I clipped the coupons and tried the frozen stuff... while their lasagna is pretty tasty- the meatloaf.. eh'...  It just evades me...It is hard to admit that I am not a great southern cook. I am however, a great humanitarian - that is the reason for this post... I wanted to make sure Paula keeps dreaming her buttery dreams and not worry about her day job.

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