Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie is my miracle baby.  She is not of my flesh and blood.. but she is of my heart.  I did not rush to the hospital to greet her.. I flew around the world to love her. She is a precious child, that is breathtakingly beautiful.  She is living proof that children are products of their environment .... the kid is funny.  While everyday is an adventure around here.. a couple of stories stand out.. allow me to share:
One afternoon the kids were on the porch and I was in the kitchen cooking dinner... the window was open so I could hear what was going on and to make sure I could quickly break up any disagreements that might arise.  Mackenzie was standing there with her pink jump rope in hand and out of the blue she asked me if her other mother has yellow hair.... I asked her what color her hair was...  she stated "black"... so I told her it was a good chance her birth mother had dark hair.  I am very open to this type of dialogue... I never want her to think I am hiding anything from her in regards to her past... then she said "how old is she?"  So I answered her and said " Mackenzie, she was a teenager and she loves you today as much as she did then.. but sometimes we have to make life altering decisions for the ones we love the most.. she knew she could not take care of you the way a mother wants and needs too so she decided to allow another woman that great privilege... I am blessed it was me... and I thank her every single day"...Now what part of that statement do you think she heard... YEP- she was a teenager... and yes, the writing is on the wall.. she has questions and this time it is not about her adoption.. it is about sex... have mercy-(pulse racing).. she is NINE for heavens sake... I continued to boil the pasta and pretend I was extremely busy now.. but she continued "Reagan said you have eggs"... ahem.. ( the voices in my head are telling me to run... run quickly) "Yes, Mackenzie ladies have eggs... and they are released in our bodies - you do need eggs to make a baby"... I have her full attention now... the jump rope is laying on the ground... I am sweating off the cookie I shoved in my mouth a few minutes earlier when they weren't looking...Then she said this.... "OH MY GAWSH, I AM NEVER EATING EGGS AGAIN".... yep- mission accomplished... I grossed her out and dodged the sex question all in one breath... (tongue clicks)
Mackenzie also has a matter of fact approach to everyday life... let me explain:
I have a real love for aquatic life.  At one point we had an aquarium in every room... but I have consolidated and moved the little guys around so now it is much more manageable... Fish are the perfect pet.  No furballs, No little presents left for you to step in... they will never chew up the heal of your favorite pump... they just swim in beautiful harmony together.  As most pet owners, I think my animals are smart.  Every evening I go to each tank and give them a bite to eat.. normally I talk to them... One day Mackenzie over heard the conversation I was having with my little wonders and she said "MOM... you do realize fish do not have ears... right?"  Never thought about it.. but "YES, I KNOW"- of course I know that.. flustered....
So I go back.. My Kenzie may not have been born into this family... but she owns us... all of us... It is unbelievable what a perfect match we all are... the heaven's had a hand in this.. and one day I will shake it in gratitude.


  1. Jenn, I remember when you brought Mackenzie home to Huntsville, you may not have birthed her but you would not be able to tell by the love you showered on this child. God Blessed you with a precious little girl and God Blessed Mackenzie with a fantastic mom. I love the post it speaks volumes of the relationship you two have.


  2. LOVE the "egg" story, I've heard it before but it still cracks me up. And I love you too:) Keep writing and I'll keep reading. I don't visit your blog often, but when I get the chance, it's always a pleasure and a great laugh. It makes me feel like I'm sittin' in the living room with you, yaking and gigglin'.
    I'd say you're a pretty fantastic woman and, of course, one of the BESTEST mommies!!!


  3. I loved it the first time, loved it the second time and will love it again when you do your book!