Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Large, It's Pink And He Is Driving Around Town With It

Remember the Swag... ummm yea.  Ok, So I got another email "offering" up a few more goodies.  Well- I'll take it.  This time it had one of those "HUGE" magnets that attach to a car door.  OH, Say it ain't so... I must have one of those.  So I ordered it.  Free, of course.  Immediately my mind goes to work thinking of a diabolical plan to embarrass those around me... I could simply place it on my car door  (snooze- Boring!)... or I could stick it to the front of the golf cart and drive to the mailbox with it (blah)... OR I could place it on the passenger side of the HUSBAND's Truck door.  Did you notice I said "passenger's side"?...uh huh... now your with me.  He will NOT see it... no telling how long he could potentially drive around with a billboard on the side pimping my site.  Oh, it is a beautiful plan.  One for the books.
I began stalking the front door every afternoon waiting for my potential "plan" to arrive.  The pacing, the impatience that was mounting - day after day around 2:00 I did this dance.  Finally, a brown beautiful box with my name on it arrived. WOOHOO!  I carefully opened the package to inspect the magnet of fun.  PERFECT!  Now, I had to sneak it down the stairs, out the garage door and stick that sucker on the side of his vehicle.  It could have been tricky, especially with the little guy.. but I bribed him with a hot wheels (to buy his silence). Hot Wheels are an effective form of currency with a three year old little boy.
** thinking to self...why do I look for things that will shake the apple cart?... because it is fun!  Am I setting a bad example for my children?  nah...  Could I get a call one day reporting they got caught rolling someone's yard?  OK- that one is possible... but the threat is not enough to stop me with my advertising scheme**
At this point, the husband is clueless.. it has been done... he is driving around with a LARGE, PINK Magnet on the side of his man ride.  Will he read this post?  Yea, he will.. too little too late... ( Evil Laugh Inserted Here) Do I fear he will kill me?  Not a chance,  he likes clean underwear...

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