Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holy Moly- I've Got Swag

 How COOL is this?
Now first let me say, when I opened the front door today I did the pee pee dance when I saw the box.    I knew what was in it ( giggling with excitement) - It was my SWAG and it was CHEAP!    Need a business card, I got it covered.  Having a bad hair day?  I have a hat.   Do your keys need a cute accessory?  I got a keychain.  Need to make a quick note of what coupons I need to print?  I got a notepad.  Need something to write it down with?  I got a pen.  Need to carry all your self promoting, shameless swag around?  I got a tote.  Want to walk around pimping your own website? I got a shirt.
I know, it is a bit much.  I am small time.  I am a mommy blogger.  I wipe boogas and keep dishpan hands.    That is why it is SOOOO freakin' awesome!  ( still grinning)
Why? See I love a deal.  I also love a deal when there is humor and self indulgence as a bonus.
Here is the story:
One day last week, ( quick service -huh?) I was reading some of my deal hunter blogs.  One of the girls posted this company that obviously likes to give things away for FREE and as best I can tell they have no issue with it.  Crazy?  ummm I thought so, but WHO am I to judge crazy.  I sat down and picked me out a housewife logo and played with the print.  I thought I was just getting business cards, but since I am a computer genius ahem... I started poking around and there was all kinds of goodies ripe for the picking.  So I picked the low hanging fruit, added a few things to offset the shipping and 20 bucks later while honestly holding my breath over this too good to be true offer ... I got a BOX full of goodies.  Now did I "need" to spend the $20 dollars?  No, of course not, but I gotta tell ya... this little brown box has made my day.  I will also tell ya this, if I can figure out a way to produce more with nominal fees- my children will be walking advertisements...

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