Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet The Dippers

So I said I would not write about this... but I gotta tell ya... it is too good not to share.
Here is the story-
Today I received a phone call from a close girlfriend.  Because I value our friendship, I will most definitely change the names... We will call her Tiffany. We were tight when we were in school, so it warms my heart that we are still in touch with each other after 20 years.  It is special ( stares up and takes a pause to appreciate this rare gift).
So let me tell ya a little about Tiff.  She is a hard worker, a loving mother and wife.  Tiff is also a funny little character, her sense of humor is priceless.  She is beautiful.  Tiff's heart is huge and because of this... we have a perfect little tale to tell.... ( oh it's good and there is a lesson in it- yep, a twofer).
A short time back she was at the ballpark and a woman walked up with a tiny little puppy.  Now, true to form, Tiff made a comment of how adorable it was and asked if it was a great pyrenees.  The woman explained to Tiff that she actually found the puppy.  She continued on how the pup was eaten up with fleas and was in a fine mess... but she bathed her and made attempts to get the little darling back on track.  Then the woman went in for the kill... She saw that Tiff was a perfect target... she asked her if she wanted the little dog.  SIDE NOTE- MOVING FORWARD we will refer to Tiff as "Sucker"....
So my friend Sucker, called her husband to tell him about the pup and basically tell him they are about to have another addition to their family farm ( its not a barn farm.. it's a ... oh they are so cute... let's take it home farm.. Tiff, I mean Sucker does not discriminate..they have chickens, goats, cats and dogs.. possibly an elephant and hoot owl since I hung up the phone with her this afternoon).  So her husband apparently gave in and the dog now has a new home.
Sucker worked on nursing the little dog back to health.. but something was not right and she was not eating.  So.... allow me to say upfront... No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.... her husband took the pup to the vet and found it had a urinary infection.  But that is not all folks, the visit turned out to be quite educational.    Allow me to share this knowledge with you.  Apparently there are two types of mange.  The kind dogs get that stays within their own species... and the kind that can spread to humans... (you with me?).   YEP.... again, no good deed goes unpunished.  He called to break the news, but before he could bring himself to tell her they may all need to get dipped ( ok- I added that for effect)... he rattled off a grocery list of things they MUST get immediately.
 Here is the list:
Clorox Spray
Lysol Spray
Clorox Wipes
Lysol Wipes
Yep, pretty much everything in the clorox and lysol product line needed to be had... quickly, post haste, pronto, NOW!
Now.... Like I said, Tiff has a great sense of humor... she has too.. because she chose to tell ME, of all people.. about this little hellish nightmare she is living.  She has washed her hands till they are raw.. but she has not given up on that puppy. ( Let's all take a moment to reflect on that humanity)... I, in turn, did not want to disappoint her.  I wanted to offer her some support and understanding... So I told her the only thing I knew to do..... it's sage advice...Get everyone flea collars.
There is a lesson here folks and it has nothing to do with mange... ( drumroll please)
 Pick your friends wisely

** I love ya Tiff...**

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