Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Prize Patrol

Ed McMahon?  No, the mommy prize patrol is what I am referring too.  I have stash.  It consist of hot wheels, stickers, coloring books and dollar tree finds from here, there and everywhere.  It is important to have on hand.  I use this stash as a method to gain control of the household.  Parenting 101- can't beat em' - Bribe em'.  It works when needing to administer medicines, when company is coming and most importantly- I need a minute to get something done.
Now, some may not agree with my methods and when I was childless.. I was one of them.  I was under the impression - kids were to be seen and not heard.  Silly me... I actually believed what the older generation said.  I think however, after further evaluation, they had their own secret stash of wooden trains, slingshots and rabbits feet for an emergency situation with the youngens'.   Judge me if you want.. it makes no difference too me.  I do what I have to do too survive.  It is based on instinct.  No different than carrying bandaids, neo-to-go, wipes and a sippy cup at all times.  It is part of the mommy arsenal.
Why is this fresh on my mind this morning.. well along with the sock demon that has reemerged (see past post if you missed this part of our struggles), I also wanted to paint freckles on Walker's face this morning.  The kids in his class are dressing up as farmers.  Last year he let me when he was Woody for Halloween.  This year he doesn't think it is soooo cool.  But I was determined... so I reached into the stash.  Magically- an army man allowed me to proceed with my child's humiliation.   Harmony is restored and I have ONE CUTE FARMER... check him out!
 So... Who is brave enough to admit they take part in this parenting..ahem...  lack- there-of SKILL?