Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everybody Wants...

So this day has been a day full of  "I wants".  NOT little "I wants" ....the motherload "I wants". ... First, it was Walker.  He feels he needs a "baby sista"... I tried to explain to him that is not the greatest idea and she would take his toys. (Toys are pretty sacred when your three- I figured it would work)  He continued to say.. "put ones in your tummy, yike Tyler's mommy".  Ok- I am going to stick to my original response.. uh "no thanks- do you really want to share your cool toys with someone that will chew on them?".  He doesn't give up ( my kid is no quitter)- "It would be so gweat! I could give hers milk in a bottle.  I would yet her sweep wiff me and hers would yike the cwone wars ( ahem- clone wars). Can we have one?"  I am sticking to my guns.. "No Walker".  He continues so I give up and say " Ask your daddy"?  He is good with this answer.  He drops it and we continue to color the masterpiece we were working on before he decided to knock the wind out of my sails.
Time ticks and I am cooking dinner, in walks the husband.
He begins.."You know, didn't you like the hummer we saw?" (immediately I think he is being CRUDE, so I crinkle up my nose and turn away from him- landsakes! What is he talking about?)  Then I realize he is serious and he has his eye on a NEW CAR.  Here we go again,  I respond  "ummm no".  He continues "I could clean out my side of the garage and pull my truck in there- then we could park the Hummer in the Trucks spot".   ( I refuse to get mad- BUT ARE YOU FREAKIN' Kidding me- I just gave UP my car for the greater good and this bozo wants to buy an overpriced Army Vehicle that drinks oceans of gas)   I finally say " no thanks".  ( I feel like I just had a similar conversation with another male in this family not too long ago) I breath- and breath again.. He starts to talk about it a little more... I ask "why do you need three cars?"  He continues his sells pitch... ( I have allowed my mind to wonder to a field of lovely lilies and butterflies)  THEN Walker chimes in.. "daddy- I wants a baby sista".  ** Mackenzie turns around in horror!** Amazing how that little ( HUGE) request changed the subject in record time... thanks Walker- I owe you a hot wheels.


  1. Now that is Damn good....oh I am sorry for any I may offend.

  2. I know.. freedom of speech until my mom gets hold of it... I am joking.. SORTA.. :)

  3. That is funny. Now can we have a baby sista? Oh please Mommy, it would be so much better than a hummer, or even a hotwheel. Mom