Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The math is simple.  We learned it in kindergarten, Three minus one equals two.  I however, had no idea how this simple problem could make the husband so very happy and enlightened.
Here is the story:
This past weekend the husband said "I don't think we need three cars.  I am going to sell mine."  Well, I could not agree more.  We do not need three cars.  The conversation was dropped for a few hours and then I got to thinking.  My mommy wagon is the one that needs to go.  Over the past month or so it has been falling apart, little by little.  The side mirrors are drooping, the right blinker works when it wants too, the breaks squeak, the steering is a fight, just small stuff for the most part but the writing is on the wall.  It will be a Money Pit in our future. Not to mention, it is an open argument for me and the husband- example given:
Me- Hey, it's me
The Husband- Hey me
Me- Just wanted to tell you my car is "clunking" before I forget to say something.
The Husband- What do you mean "clunking"?
Me- I don't know "clunking".
The Husband- Well, you have to tell me what you think it is.
Me- If I knew what it was, I would fix it or tell you.
The Husband- ( sighing- loudly)- I will drive it when I get home.
** That evening he drives the car and is gone for several minutes**
The husband-  I didn't hear a problem
Me- Well, It has one.
The husband- I listened and there is NO knocking.
Me- Of course there is no knocking.. I said it was "clunking"...
BOTH SIGH and he turns to leave the room.
This is my exhibit A.  Fights in the future surround the mommy wagon.
Back to this past weekend-
I told him if a car should go, I will put mine on the chopping block.  We talked about it and it made sense.  Mine was the oldest, had the most miles and because it was a "certain" make it would bring in the most money.  The husband then offered up his car as well.  He said "if you see something on the lot- we can get a quote for mine, trade them both in and get a NEW car".  Ok, that sounds tempting- very, tempting.
Fast forward to Monday morning-
We drive our cars to a local car mart and start to browse.  Honestly, I could not see anything that was worth the extra expense when his car is a large sedan and more importantly, it is PAID for.   I told him this and he acted all "cool" about it.  We sold my car and headed home.  We chatted about how it was the right decision.
It was time to pick up the little dude (side note- if you continuously call a 3 year old the "little dude" out of habit, he will in turn call you the "little mommy".. isn't that charming?  roll eyes).  The husband headed downtown to get some work done.  
A few hours later, he called.  He was elated because in addition to the check from car mart, we would be getting a refund from the insurance company and MOVING forward we would save about 500 bucks each year for dumping the mommy wagon.  I agreed that is "great" news.
Last night-
The husband came home a little late, but he was still in a peppy mood.  His first comment  and I quote "My wife is genius".  ( mmmm its a trick- tread lightly woman)  He continued to say that I was the topic of conversation with all the men folk today.  Obviously, I am a captivating and fascinating creature now.  It appears to is hard to believe that I would leave a car lot with a check instead of giving them one.   Really?  Common Sense can make you a mythical creature in the eyes of men when it comes to putting money in their pockets.  I just thought I was saving the "family" a buck by driving an existing vehicle.  Well, Whatever it takes to prove my point. The husband now understand and believes what I have been trying to tell him for over seven years - I am a genius.  My work here is done.


  1. Well I can see why he would put you up there in the “wife’s hall of fame”. No wonder the boys at the office were so amazed with you. You see we are use to the other women’s math. The one where they go shopping and spend five hundred dollars but it was fifty percent off therefore they saved “us” two hundred and fifty dollars. The banker says my account has two hundred and fifty less but we can’t get the wife to understand that. And you handed over the check to him, that atleast 50 more points.

  2. Don't get too excited Art.. he sent me an email at 10:30 last night "alerting" me to the fact that I spent 411$ on the kids last month. It was winter clothes and they were on SALE.. but in my defense, kids outgrow clothes season to season when they are the ages of our children.. I didn't think 400 bucks was a bad deal for 2 kids winter wardrobes.. I was wrong. OH What have you done for me lately comes to mind. In trouble again... ( GRINNING)