Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Ramblings and Rocking On A Paper Guitar

So It has occurred to me that I am way behind on my Holiday planning.. I realize it is October, but I like to have it DONE by now.. or almost done.  There is something so satisfying about decorating the tree and having all your goodies, wrapped and ready to place beautifully under the glorious tree.  It is so freeing- you can actually enjoy the holidays without the worry of having to "GET ER' DONE".
So over the past three days, since Walker wanted to go to preschool.. I made a decision to start the punch list, hit the punch list and pull out the 75% off wrapping paper I picked up in January to make it happen.   My first stop, Walmart of course... I am NOT a fan of the retail giant.. but when buying in "bulk"... it has its place.  Mackenzie is my difficult child to buy for.. she doesn't like dolls ( I KNOW-the heart break is continuous with children).  I wandered up and down the toy aisles... searching for something she might actually play with... NOTHING... NOTHING... and NOTHING.  OH dude.. my worst fear- she has really outgrown this section.  Then it happened, good ol' DENIAL!  I picked up a barbie... a fashion barbie..not a bratz.  I do not allow hooker toys in this house.  It's the rule.  I placed the Barbie in the top part of the cart.. this is my "possible" section, not to be confused with the large bottom section that is the "the husband is going to be mad" section.   I strolled on a little more and stopped short at an item they were trying to PASS off as a
 lovable baby doll....  WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?

  Well, I'll tell ya.  Apparently, they are part of the new Mattel collection called "Monster High".  Now, I am a huge fan of Vampires and the super natural.. don't get me wrong (Team Edward over here) but I am having a hard time figuring out how this could be anything less than down right scary. ( dramatic pause inserted here) Think about it-  in the middle of the night ,when a little girl looks over and sees those buttons where eyes should be, glaring at her. Puts a new spin on monsters under your bed. Your thoughts?  Here's mine (drum roll please)
 I guess ghouls just want to have fun too... (thank you , thank you ** takes a bow**)
Anyways... I shook off that horror and found paper guitars.  Yes, paper guitars.  I have glanced at them before and thought they were about the dumbest thing I have ever seen... but this time wally world had a demo set up.  Now, it is the middle of the week... it's not crowded.  Nobody in the toys... YEP- I rocked out.  FUN FUN FUN!    It is quite possible two made it into the large portion of the cart.  I can not confirm or deny this statement because I have stool pigeons in this family that tend to sing like canaries... innocently  (sighs) is the consensus among the majority of us.. ( yea - sure- ocean front property yada yada ) My pigeon might also allow Mackenzie to read today's post.  I can't be too careful.  This is TSS- top secret stuff.
Side note: it really stinks when kids can read and spell- It sure can cut out a lot of interaction between me and the husband. For example- I might be talking to him and say "so I was at Publix today and this woman behind me was huffing and a puffing when she saw my stack of coupons-now you know me husband, I asked her if she was in labor or just a big * I T C H"  - *itch is the word I would have spelled... see, I know that is just plain UGLY and uncalled for.  I don't spell anymore and I try to think kindly of all people having a bad day except when I am having a bad day.. then it is what it is and everything is fair game. All these changes were required because the eldest can spell and read.  Yea, its the pits. ahem... No need to add lipstick to this pig.
So did I get a jump on Christmas shopping?  You bet, I am over half way done!  I punched the list... and I care NOT to go in another store for at least 48 hours... That my friends is HUGE!

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