Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pause... Really?

So me being me.... I thought I would post a few random items I have ran across during my Christmas Shopping on the Internet.  I know as you look at this, you can't help but be a little grateful that you are not related to me OR you could be gifted the gift you can't regift.    Enjoy, and if you can figure out the frog... I am all ears.
357 Magnum Hair Dryer....
Vanity an issue?  This is COOL-  Pistol Packing Momma that can get her hair under control!
A Knitted Frog Dissection...WHY?
Are you mad at someone?  Recently divorced?  This will show em'
Bigfoot on a Stick - FREE SHIPPING
Do you have a gardener in your life?  Do they like Syfy?  Well, If you do... I have the perfect Idea for you.   Give them a "Big Foot Spotting.... In the radish garden?"  Really?

My Favorite... A Pizza Cutter For "Him".... This one is useful...
So what have you found to wrap under the tree?

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