Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's A Scientific Conclusion...

Walker is the most stubborn child in the world.  He will drive you absolutely insane trying to reason with him when he has his mind made up.  Most days, I pick my battles.  Today- not in the mood.  I am the mom and I said so should be sufficient.  I will not argue about fast forwarding a commercial that is "real" time.  I will not debate on whether or not Darth Vader is a bad guy or a good guy.  I will not discuss the speed limit with the back seat driver.  It is this type of dialogue that continues in this house - day in and day out.   It will wear you down.  Now don't get me wrong, Mackenzie has her own stubborn streak.. but Walker's is ground breaking and enough to make you bite your nails to the nubs or bang your head into the wall.  So I got to thinking... WHY IS HE SUCH A MULE?  Since inquiring minds want to know.. I did some research.  In order to make a mule... you need a horse ( a young filly) -blushing...AHEM.... and a Jackass...  WELL, there you have it!  There is my answer.

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