Thursday, November 18, 2010

Junk Mail Into Treasure Maps

As most of you know, I am NOT a fan of the mail grump.  He takes my coupons and he leaves the junk mail.  Everyday, we get some sort of buy this, try that and you could be the next big winner junk papers.  So today after Walker and I collected the "mail"... we sat down and took turns browsing our new garbage.  I rolled one of them up and instantly we became PIRATES.  Sure did!  We had a treasure map of sorts... and we each had a telescope stick thingy to look for sharks, other pirates... and storms that could be brewing in the far west. The best part of the deal was we could keep saying "Ahoy Matey"... about a hundred times - over and over and over again!  We came up with names.. He was Pirate "Walker"- WHAT?  He is three, cut him a little slack... and I was Pirate "Mommyhook" ( I'll take credit for that one- giggle). We played and we played.  I asked him what we were going to find when we located the treasure, could it be gold?... and his response was "treasure".  It occurred to me he has no idea what treasure is.. it's just something he has heard on TV via Dora.  No problem... we will just look for "treasure"... after all, treasure is in the eyes of the beholder much like beauty.  My "treasure" would be an empty clothes hamper and a new, shiny, large capacity, colorful crockpot from JCPennys (just incase the husband needs another reminder for my birthday). ahem...well, to each her own (crickets chirping- not impressed with my wish list I see).   
So todays lesson is simple... one most of us forget... Imagination is the best toy you can give your kiddos... Now if I could just imagine this house clean..... ( thinking hard- and squinting)- ah- I got nothing!

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