Friday, November 5, 2010

The Husband

So today is the husband's birthday.  In dog years he is like 1736 years old or atleast some days he acts like it.  As I type this, he is still snuggled up, all warm and toasty in the bed.  I however, have been up.  We have to have one responsible adult in this house.. and I drew the short stick.  I have been up since 6:15 to make sure the big one gets ready for school without skipping steps i.e. brushing teeth or brushing the back of her hair even though she can't see it.. others can.  Important stuff like that.  I have had coffee, put on my fake face, fixed my weedeater haircut, fed the shrimpy baby,supervised the said shrimpy baby while he got dressed, fought the sock demon, packed his lunch, changed purses and unloaded the dishwasher.  The only thing left to do is brush our teeth and head for the door.  Yes, I am the responsible parental unit and that is my gift to the GOOBER.  You can feel free to sleep without me nagging about blown lightbulbs that were not suppose to blow since they are the GREEN, last forever, pay more upfront, dark when you first turn them on, lower energy bills, crappy lightbulbs.  I will not nag about the garbage that needs taken to the cans.  I will not nag that you drank my last, ice cold mountain dew.  I will not nag that you need a hair cut in the worst possible way... and I will not comment that it is taking on a toupee gone wrong look.   I will not nag that you think a serving of cookies is the entire package in one sitting.  I will not make ugly remarks about the mancave being the most disgusting place on earth. NOPE- today I will not nag you... but fear not, this change is temporary.
So Happy Birthday to my husband, the father of my children and the man I look forward to growing old with.
All My Love,

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