Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Not-So-Happy Meal

OH- I am on my soap box. (This is your warning- so feel free to leave at this time) At what point does the government STOP telling people what to do or how to raise their children?   There has to be a point where this happens... so what is it? And when you can figure it out.. let's make sure California gets the memo...
Today's Topic- Taking the Toys out of Happy Meals until they are stuffed with carrots and radishes. YEP!
Have you seen this?  Some fruitcakes in California are working on banning "toys" from happy meals because the food inside the cute little "house" boxes is fattening. Well, DUH!  Did any of us not know this?  Do we need someone that doesn't have enough sense to move from a state that will end up in the ocean telling us this?  Do we?  Did you know the happy meal was introduced in 1979... YES, the concept has been around 31 years. Did you know 20 billion have been sold since that time?  mmmhmmmm....Do you have atleast ONE fond memory surrounding a happy meal?  I bet you do.  Did you collect any of the little trinkets?  I bet you did.  Remember the hamburglar?  Yea, he was cool.  That's right... you are hearing me right.  I say, long live the happy meal.  It is a dining treat for children of all ages... It is as American as Apple Pie ( pie- is that against the law too?)
 Now, McDonald's has tried to appease everyone by offering little packs of apple slices instead of fries.  You no longer have to order a soft drink with the meal... you can get low-fat milk.  Most of them have a nasty-a** playground for kids to play in that will assist in burning off the calories they take in.. As a parent, I like to have these choices... AS A PARENT.  Does that mean I am going to make my kids eat an apple with their nuggets?  NO, I am not.  It is my job to make sure the fruits and veggies are worked in.. but I am not going to take away their fries.  I wouldn't want anyone to take mine.  It is common sense that fast food, in most cases, is not the healthy choice.  That is why we do not eat it everyday.  Once a week, (sometimes less) works for my crew.  Moderation is the key... not total abandonment.  My kids look at it as a "special" meal... not one we serve up everyday.
So California, you can keep your tofu unhappy meals...and in the "name of health" about doing something about the image your state portrays via Hollywood to young girls... pretty sure NOT eating and anorexia is just as dangerous as obesity.   Stay cozy in that glass house and hug a tree.

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  1. You tell it girl! I saw this on some news report and thought "What the ...?" I can't tell you how many Beanie Babies I saved with those Happy Meals! McDonald's french fries are the best in the world; with the exception of my Mom's homemade ones! Eat up!