Friday, November 12, 2010

It Happens Every Year About This Time...

So I am nothing if not predictable.  Every year about this time, I get the itch to start pulling out the Christmas pretties and make my home a "vision" of sugar plums for all to see.  I get that we have not celebrated Thanksgiving ( pause) and I feel bad about that.  I don't think Thanksgiving is any less a holiday than Christmas.. it's just a ceramic turkey and a pilgrim here or there are not ... appealing to my decorative eye.  I need GLITZ, SHINY... I need twinkly lights.  I need hundreds and hundreds of twinkly lights.  So I have a plan... tomorrow I am going to pop a turkey into the oven (mmmmmm- yum).  This will ensure my family still understands we have so many blessing to be thankful for and I am NOT overlooking the importance of  Thanksgiving... BUT while that sucker is cooking for like... HALF A DAY... I am going to start decking the halls.. FA LA LA LA LA people... Fa la la la la!
Now decorating takes a lot of time, energy and effort... so that said I see nothing wrong with pulling out ONE tree this weekend.  To get ahead of the curve, of course.  I always put up two.  A fancy, smancy one in my living room that is so beautiful it gives me heart palpitations... and a traditional one in my den.  The den tree consist of ornaments my children have made over the years and special occasions we have shared.  IT is a regular ol' string the pop corn kind of a tree.  Charming in its own right....
The living room one is my target in the morning.  I love that tree!  I will pull the blinds so the neighbors will not think I am a nut job... and wait for the big reveal the day after Thanksgiving...  No one will KNOW... no one... except you.  Shhhhh..... So do you RUSH the holidays in your home?  Doesn't a turkey sandwich sound yummy?  Tis the season my friends... Tis the season!

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  1. Guess who else is pulling out Christmas stuff? Yep, the Mitchell's! Got home last night a little ceramic hand-me-down tree was lit up in the dining room next to the aquarium. It was a beautiful site..Lite it up Jen!!