Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So the topic today is "sleep".  Let's face it... it is important.  Allow me to share my journey into my restless, vegetated state of mind.
As a teenager- I could sleep.  I had no idea what a luxury I was experiencing every weekend.  NO IDEA.  Time passed and I "grew" up.  As a childless adult, I could sleep.  Again, no idea what a luxury I had.  Fast forward ten years and I am introduced to "motherhood".  Mackenzie was a good sleeper for the most part unless she was sick.  Mackenzie stayed sick the 1st year and 1/2 of her life (see the problem)... so I learned "how to sleep" sitting up in a rocker.  As a single, working parent that lived 100 miles away from the closest relative, I became a "living zombie".  I coped but it wasn't easy.   When Mackenzie turned two, I had tubes put in her ears... and WHAM- a miracle happened- we actually began sleeping the entire night.  What a glorious, majestic occurrence.  This time around I did NOT take it for granted.  I got up with the chickens but I slept the entire nights.  I can give up "sleeping in" for that to happen.  Harmony (the angels sing)!  Time passed and I became pregnant.  For those of you who have never been pregnant I can tell you this- you are tired the first few months and exhausted the last ones... the joke here is you can not sleep because you have morphed into a human blimp... not an overweight blimp that gives when you lay on it... but a rock hard blimp.  No tummy sleeping... I like tummy sleeping.. So months eight and nine...I encountered the very little sleep mode again.
February rolled around in 2007 and Walker arrived.  Walker had colic.  I am not sure how to explain this but it made my time with Mackenzie when we lived in Huntsville seem like a walk in the park, on a lovely sunny day, with the birds chirping and flowers in bloom.  SIGH!  My baby boy did not sleep for more than 30 minutes (DAY OR NIGHT) at a time.  It was a situation, I would not wish on anyone- pause inserted here- not even Obama.   (mmhmmm- it was terrible)  I turned to antidepressants to keep me grounded and from running away.  I watched for a "turning point" but it did not happen.. he turned one- and the sleep pattern was established.  He turned two- and he still got up several times a night.  When he finally turned three he would get up once a night-  MANAGEBLE!  Now my little darling sleeps all night, most nights.  But I can't.  My immediate response is "What in the sam hill is going on" (Thank you Scout, I love this southern phrase)?  What a cruel joke.  I got up and took care of my kids for years...I should have earned the right to be able to sleep an entire night.  Alas, that is not the case.  I have returned to my vegetated state.  I have nothing against vegetables-  I love me some peas and carrots.  However, Vegetables eventually rot... and there is the bad news my friends.  Just sayin'

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  1. When Walker is about 8 you will be able to sleep again but not sure what age the daughter will be then....humm but anyway you will have a few good years till one is a teenager. Then no sleep again but usually only on Friday or Saturday night. Unless you are one to read the diary and go thru their stuff then you will not sleep at all till you hand them off to a husband or daughter in law. Just saying!