Thursday, December 2, 2010

Any Ideas?

Yes- that is me... saying "HMMMMM"! (some how the new "green bulbs" don't give the same effect)

I have never been one that was big on "surprises"... I know, that is terrible.  Maybe it is because I am a Capricorn - they say this "sign" likes to "posses authority and be in control".  IF you put stock in the stars this could factor into my inability to appreciate anticipation.  The husband knows this... and he loves this time of year to dangle the "clues" and watch me act like a cat chasing a flashlight.  So painful.  Now this is not a new trait I have developed, I have been this way my entire life.  I was the nosy kid looking in the far corners of closets to get a glimpse on the goods.  I have even been known to wait until my mom left for work - go under the tree- unwrap a present.... PUT it on and WEAR IT to school.  Then, come home, take it off- rewrap carefully and place it back to its original spot under the tree before she got home from work.  Classic- me!  One year, I found a bottle of perfume about a month before Christmas and took the bottle out of the original box- spritzed it everyday until school was out for the holidays... and placed it back where I found it.  Freakin' Houdini- no one knew.  Before I had children, no one was able to have surprises ( if I knew about it) because I could not take the fact THEY DIDN'T KNOW.- I would drop hints as subtle as bricks upside the heads to the intended party.  As a result, no one told me anything once they knew I was a blabber mouth- BUT I found things in my scavenger hunts... pitiful.  Now that I have kids, I understand the element of surprise and how much fun it is to "give" surprises... My lips are sealed and I will not give up the secrets..  AS long as it does not involve "me".

Why did I stroll down memory lane with you?  Well, last night the husband called all "giddy" about his purchase for yours truly.   He was ubber excited and soon came the hints.  Here is what I have to work with- and I gotta tell ya- this year I can't pinpoint it.  I need your help!  Ready?
1. It has to come thru customs to get here
2. It is coming from the Europe area ( WTH?)
3. It is larger than a paper towel roll ( I know- why did ask that?- what is wrong with the breadbox analogy?)
4. It comes with a guarantee I will love it.
5. Several people involved
6. Freshwater fish and it is NOT an aquarium..
Seriously- WHAT IS IT?  I know he is all proud of himself... he loves to pull one over on me.  Now keep in mind while you are figuring this out- I am not the only prankster in this family... it is quite possible that some of these hints are obscure enough that they "could" teeter on "false statements".  I have no way of knowing this.  So let's review- here is what we know OR What we think we know..
It is not in the United States, I will like it, it is a modest size, it's fishy and it took a village ( less the idiot- I live here) to send it this way...
OK friends.. I am waiting on your ideas!


  1. Did you want a car not too long ago...?

  2. I had several ideas however the fishy part through me off. Unless its a piece of furniture that is inlayed with mother of pearl I am at a loss. Or eel skin boots. I don't know....

    I hope its really good to put you through your torment..haha.. love ya

  3. pretty sure it is not a car... he is really practical when it comes to stuff like that.. and I thought of furniture... but WHAT kind? clock? He is really good at this game.. me- not so much

  4. The fish got me, dang this is driving me crazy! For some reason I was thinking of a painting done by a famous artist of the family framed beautifully. Kim

  5. That is a good idea Kim- but the only family picture we have is on the beach.. and that would be saltwater fish... He has stumped me!