Sunday, December 12, 2010

Occupational Hazard

This past week, I was getting dressed to attend a funeral.  One of my oldest friends sent her grandmother home to be with her husband and the angels.  While I was in the bathroom knocking the dust off of some of my old "work clothes", Walker was hanging out with me and running his cars up and down the side of the bathtub.  Normal stuff- less the "work clothes".  I proceeded to put on my face and blow dry my hair.  He continued to play.  I went to the bedroom and came back with a pair of tights... I implemented my yoga moves to get them on and make them somewhat comfortable or as comfortable as a vise can be...then I pulled on my skirt and messed with my hair.  Walker, pulling himself from the line of traffic he had created said with disgust- "YOUR FEET ARE DIRTY"..... I looked down at him and decided to ignore him... (or attempt to ignore him- it is my prerogative as a parental unit to use this "tool")... He continued "Mommy, you gots dirty feet!"... ( thinking to self- WHAT THE HECK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?)  I told him my feet were clean and he said "they are black".  Wham- It hit me... so I hiked up my skirt so he could see my legs and explained to him that I was wearing "tights".  His eyes grew large and he said "that is really, really big socks" 
Yes, Walker- really big socks!

So I am left wondering after this innocent conversation what is more sad... the fact that he thinks I walk around with dirty feet or the fact that he has never seen me dressed up... sigh.... He is almost four so I will go with the latter.  It is an occupational hazard as a stay at home mom :(

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