Thursday, November 17, 2011


The word "Vintage" gets thrown around a lot these days.  People use it when referring to high dollar couture, fabulous furniture, perfect cars, lovely handbags and kick em' ass shoes.  I myself, love the look of older things and appreciate them.  HOWEVER, I was toodlin' around the mall a week or so ago and I saw a t-shirt.  It read "1971 VINTAGE"... WHAT? *thoughts to self- "ok, no need to panic- let me get out my spectacles and make sure I am reading this right" - YEP- reading it right*   Dude, that is the year I was born!  Does that make me "vintage"?   sigh...
Let's review possible incidents that would "throw" me in the hurdles of midlife aka make me vintage-
I will indeed be forty in less than two calendar months.  Forty, it comes fast and she is an evil witch.  You may feel twenty mentally, you may dance to Lady Gaga as you swiffer, you may enjoy the latest fashions- but the body knows different.  Gravity is cruel- no further explanation is needed on this point.  Dinners start to migrate earlier.. 4:00 seems perfectly reasonable to me- so I can lay down by 7:30 or so and rest my bones.  When people call at 8:30, I immediately think "Do they know what time it is?, better be important".  You think you have been there, done that- only the details are impossible to remember.  Life is funny that way.  I like the fact that the biggest joke of all is that my dearest friends have entered the "oh NO zone".. a little earlier than I have and have had the opportunity to find out just which vitamins, support hose and unmentionables are suitable for a woman of age.  So as the days pass and I become weak in the knees- I think I will toss out the welcome mat and embrace the changes that life brings. I feel blessed and I will work in all the other acronyms I previously used to describe the wonder of "Vintage".  Yes, if we are lucky, we will all eventually be a fabulous, lovely, kick em' ass "Vintage" glasses wearing, hair dying, vitamin popping, 60 minutes watching work of art.
Have a great day- whipper snappers!

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