Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Collins Report

So it has been a while since I have grabbed a chair and let thoughts flow... and since my last posting A LOT has happened.  Let's break it down...
Walker has been enrolled in Tee-Ball.  It is a HUGE deal around here... since according to him it is one step from being a Pro Player.  I let him believe this.. who am I to sqwash a Four year old's dream... One of my oldest friend's husband is the coach so Walker is familiar with him... but he still has his questions re: Mr. Evan's ability to take him forward in his career.  One day we were headed to preschool and we were chatting about ball.. he asked " So mom, Is "Eban" the real coach or is he the Vampire?" *** Those closest to me know I have a sick fascination with the Undead.. this comment alone made me wonder if my strange addiction could have seeped into the womb with its friends Sweet Tea and Potatos*** I shrugged off my inner commentary to answer his question " Walker, Evan is the Coach- he is not the UMPIRE"- sigh- I am pretty sure that is what he meant to say and it got lost in his four year old vocabulary.
Yes, I said Four.  Little dude had a birthday much to my chagrin.  Things seem the same except on his actual birthday he needed to report the fact that he can now run a little faster.  Well, Sure!  The all important "run-faster" milestone has been reached- take that Growth Charts!  (ahem- 7th percentile in height- bless him)

Today Kenzie and I celebrated our 9th year together- Adoption is a such a blessing.  That said-Mackenzie and I have had a fantastic day playing hooky!  We have shopped till we dropped at the stores of her choice.  When we needed more fuel, we stopped and ate our way thru Mexico or so it seemed when the dishes were bare!  It is impressive the amount of chips and salsa we can consume in one sitting.  I don't write often about my priss because she is almost ten and I tend to embarrass her... but today I will make an exception because she is just too fabulous not to include in the report.  While we were tootlin' around and bonding over girl time, I decided to make sure she understood how awful smoking is and that if I ever see her with a cigarette I will kill her faster than the smokes.  I explained it is filthy,expensive and dangerous.  It is something I am not proud of but I am addicted.  I told her it all started when I was with an ex-boyfriend in high school.  I thought I was cool.   Here is the short of the long:
Mackenzie- "YOU had a boyfriend?"
Me- ( while thinking WTH?)  "Yes- I had a boyfriend.. more than one but who is counting"
Kenz- "more than ONE?"
Me- " Well Sure"
Kenz- " Before you and daddy got married- was he your boyfriend?"
Me-  " Of course- you have to date before you get married unless you want me to arrange something for you"
Kenz- Blank stare
Me- " I am kidding- you have to date and have boyfriends before you fall in love and get married"
Kenz- "I thought a boy just said  let's get married"
Me-  "Kenzie, your sense of romance is only rivaled by your dads"
Kenz- Blank stare returns
Me- "Well, would you look at the clock.. time to get brother"
*** What would really make her brains flip inside out is IF she knew the ex-boyfriend I was talking about turned into my EX- husband-  decided to let that skeleton stay hidden for another day -***
Did I mention I love spending time with my girl... she is fantastic and entertaining to a fault.

Since the post is growing quickly... I will save the updates of the adults in this household for another day... but never fear.. we have been pretty busy too! What with Valentines and a new property in the gulf... the fiasco's just keep coming...

Have a pleasant evening!  Be Safe

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  1. I believe I was there when that first puff happened? LOL