Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All Aboard.. The Train Of Thought

You know that kid that has a lot to say... a million questions... or just idle chatter when nothing is on his mind?  Well, that is my Walker.  I would love to say this is a "phase" he is going through but I am afraid it is not.  Walker is the "second" child and as most moms know this is the kid you do not push to  do anything... and of course, this is the kid that was a head of all the benchmarks in childhood.  He was taking steps on teeny, tiny feet well before his first birthday and running when he turned one.  My little over achiever was making sentences when other children were learning "words" as commands.  He picked up the nic name "Walker Talker" as a young toddler.  That said, he has fine tuned this social skill to a perfect art.   If his feet are moving, well you can bet his mouth is too.  SKILL- I tell ya!

Our conversations can cover anything from "we live on the planet EARF", fossils are what dinosaurs turned into and he wished he could pet one,  He sure does love cream cheese and oatmeal cookies but sister doesn't, they are different- everybody is different...he wonders "why"... blah blah blah.. infact, as I type this and have zero train of thought he is  now concerned about the skin on his hands that feels kinda "weird" and it is killing him.. ahem... ZERO TRAIN OF THOUGHT.. but I have learned I can get by most days without the train.. MOST DAYS!

In an effort, to keep my sanity on the days I need to catch the train, I have found that "tuning" him out works sometimes.  I love that he is inquisitive and NEEDS to know that very second whatever is on his mind.  JUST some days.. it is a bit much.  He has learned the "glass eyed" look and will pipe up and octave or two louder and say " I asked you a question- rude!" when he does not get a timely response.  Yes, he is a pro at his skill.   I answer what ever he needs to know and he continues on with his dissertation.  I will tell him to "hush" or "be quiet", I often throw in a "shhhhhhh baby" - it hardly ever works because of his dire need to know now mindset.

All that said, last week was a particularly busy day for his mouth and finally I broke and told him to "SHUUUUUTTTTT UPPPPP".   Now I am not proud of saying this to him but I too, am human.  He paused for a brief 10 seconds and gathered his composure then with doughy eyes and the most precious sing song voice he said " uh oh -Somebody's gonna get a frownin face"...  *SIGH*  Can't win- his mouth is a weapon and either cracks me up so I lose my composure as the authority figure around here.. ahem... or it teaches me a lesson.  What is the lesson you ask?  I will always be the caboose :)

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