Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eventful... I Will Give It that

So the month of December never seems to disappoint... It brings out the best and the worst of people.. Today I will concentrate on the worst because I have PMS and it is my blog.  Suck it up buttercup- I am going to vent!
First on my list of gripes is the fact that Mackenzie has figured out the perpetual lie of Santa and the dumb Elf.  I have held my breath since November in hopes I could squeeze one more year of the yummy goodness that makes things magical in little people's eyes.  I know it is over played.. but this has truly been an Epic Fail.  Need proof?  Allow me to throw myself under the bus with a little something I like to call exhibit A.
My sleeping habits leave a lot to be desired most of the time, so every now and then I cave and pop a sleeping beauty pill ** COMMENTS TO YOURSELVES-I have warned each of you that I have PMS**- anyways most nights I get up out of bed and make the Elf do something bad when I know for SURE that the kids are asleep. MOST NIGHTS- but apparently not on a "Sleeping Beauty" night- I forgot.  Fast forward to morning and Mackenzie states "the elf is on the reindeer" I stand by the coffee pot trying to figure out if the daddy remembered ,I am afraid to turn around and look at her so I say *always on my toes- rolls eyes* "WOW- that is neat!".   A few hours pass and she strolls into the kitchen and leans over the island on her elbows and says "Who was suppose to make the elf do something?  You or Daddy?"  Now I ask all of you parents- how would you have handled this?  I took a deep breath because hyperventilating was a serious option at this point and said "me".   She stood up and said "THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT!"  Conversation over, she walks out and leaves the deer in headlights still standing in the kitchen trying to recuperate and that is not the worst of it...
Now Santa is in serious jeopardy- and before I go any further I would like to publicly thank the little stool pigeons at school -that are singing like a canary to my seemingly innocent ten year old and squashing the magic like gum to a shoe, in an over packed parking lot of angry shoppers looking for killer deal on black Friday.  I now have to address an email I got from her wanting to know the "truth" about the jolly old guy.  She knows - I know she knows- She knows I know she knows- but saying "no- it was mom and dad- sorry" seems as hard as chewing on old leather.  So the defendant rest... Exhibit A.

Second is my husband actually tracks when I will be devoured by PMS on his blackberry.

I could probably come up with a few more items like my husband and my best friend moving my new car to make me think it was stolen, or my four year old telling me he is ashamed of me when I pull into car line with my music to loud, seems this is "unacceptable".  Blah Blah Blah..
Eventful.. and only day 15 :)

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