Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Belle

Let me lay the foundation for you:

This time last year I was starting to feel a little anxious about my daughter finishing elementary school.  Middle School is tagged with the negative- and some days- the stories you hear are TRUE.  It is a time when being "different" in any way will make you feel like it is the end of the world.  Parents becoming a necessary evil in the said child's pursuit of happiness.  Hormones start to emerge and eye rolling is a natural response to any and all questions.  It is a time when "laying on the bed" is an activity.  It is hard on a household.  However, it is also a time when doors start to open.  New opportunities arise and kids can "try" new things that interest them.  I like that.  I like the fact that the box has expanded.  
Mackenzie has dabbled in two new things: Archery and Drama.  Drama has stuck- she loves it.  This year she auditioned for the two school plays and got a part each time.  I was proud.  The schedule is tough and some days I had to question the amount of time she was spending on the play and not her school work.
After the last production of the year, she hopped in the car and announced next year the Drama Club would be doing "Beauty and The Beast".

Fast forward to last night-

I saw Mackenzie rummaging through the video drawers and asked her what she was looking for-
she said "didn't I have Beauty and The Beast when I was little"  * inner thoughts to self- your still little PRISS*  I told her "of course, she had all the princess movies".  She continued to rummage and I went about my business.  A few minutes later, I heard the Disney intro on the TV.  She found it.  She watched every single minute of it.  This has not happened since she was around five or six- so inside I was smiling.  I was a dog with a bone.  Old memories of her tromping into Target with her plastic high heels flooded me.  WOW!
After the movie went off she announced she was going to bed.  It was only around 8:00 so I read between the lines:  going to mess with her hair, going to smash in her junk journal, stand in front of her mirror admiring herself- the normal but not sleep.

Around 10:30 I went to the kitchen to (HMMM- THAT IS NOT REALLY IMPORTANT- NO NEED TO GET INTO THAT) anywho- as I was saying, I went into the kitchen and heard Belle- Live in CONCERT-  I walked towards the steps and then I heard Belle talking to..... who exactly?  Chip, Mrs. Potts.... THE BEAST?   I took the first step ( the child talks to herself like I do- Not genetic- must be environmental).. then singing again!   So I listened.  This was so much different than when she is in the shower bellowing out.  I smiled- she has talent.  She sounded beautiful.   She has a great love of the theater and I have a great love for her.  I walked away and let My Belle continue the "play" in the privacy of her little room.
 Note to self- I always KNEW she was Mackenzie Belle - it was the number TWO name on my list when I named her :)  My sweet Grandmother's name was the only one that could have and did change that.

Have a beautiful day!